About A Healing Space…

Temporarily Closed for Personal Healing

Welcome to A Healing Space, by trueyouyoga! Tucked inside a beautiful, healing garden, this is truly a special place created for healing of the body, mind and spirit…a private studio & garden for yoga,   grounding practices, Reiki, healing sound vibration and meditation. Nancy gently crafts each session to guide her students to open to their own healing potential, while honoring and supporting them where they are at.




“Nancy is a very intuitive healer and Yogi! I have been lucky to experience sound healing from her on a regular basis for 3 months. She has helped me with shoulder problems that I have had since my bilateral mastectomy 13 years ago. She is warm, smart and very caring! I have recommended her to my friends and, and I also have enjoyed many yoga classes she has taught. Her spiritual nature is very refreshing in this busy, crazy world”. Thank you! Nancy~ Cindy P

“I am a recent beginner of the practice of yoga. It was after 30 plus epidurals and extensive lower back fusion surgery, that I was advised by Barrows Neurological Institute that they had done what they could to help me retain the use of my leg and that I would benefit from yoga to regain strength and mobility. Unfortunately, before I could actively find “my yogi,” I was diagnosed with advanced throat cancer. Post op left me no nerves on the left side of my neck, and in a most dire condition.
One of my hero rehab specialist practices yoga with Nancy and suggested I start private lessons with her. I started immediately and my life has taken a dramatic change for the better. Within a couple months I am walking 2-3 miles per day and have reduced my pain meds to Tylenol from OxyContin. Nancy also began the use of sound healing techniques. The combination of the two are doing what western medicine claimed could not be done. Nerves are regenerating and feeling and hearing have returned where nerves had been “permanently” removed. The benefits don’t stop there. The spiritual side of such a positive practice with someone like Nancy has lifted me out of frightful depression and anxiety, and has allowed me to take back my life. Thank you Nancy for making this a reality!” ~ Greg M.

“My private yoga therapy sessions have truly been a life changing experience for me both physically and mentally with my pulmonary fibrosis. Nancy teaches with concern and compassion and knowledge that has enriched my total being. I am so glad to have yoga and Nancy in my life.” ~ Linda H. , Artist, Avid Golfer

“Nancy is a powerful Yogi who nurtures both the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga.” ~ Colleen Cooke, Microsoft, WA

“Nancy’s instruction is clear and down to earth. She is a living yogi, not just someone trying to teach it. There is a depth to her teaching that sets her apart from the pack.” ~Tracy Von Kaenel, Yoga Instructor and Choreographer, IL

1 Response to About A Healing Space…

  1. Anthony says:

    I found Nancy at the right time in my life. She’s a great teacher but most importantly a great person. Our sessions have helped me bounce back from a car accident, helped with basketball, and has helped my health overall. I look forward to continuing this journey!

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